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Bosa Art Co

Tasmanian Iconic Photographs

Tasmanian Iconic Photographs

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I have lived on this beautiful island for over 16 years now and it never stops surprising me. Around every corner and in every nook and cranny you find magic, wonder and this kind of wild that you thought only existed in story books. 

Over the last few years, I have taken many photos. This collection has some of my absolute favorited images. They capture the moments in time that my heart grabbed a piece of this island to hold forever. I am sure these imagines also resonate with you or someone you love. I hope they do. 

A4 (Archival) Printed to order - Please allow 7 working days for dispatch.

This Product is unframed.

Copyright to art works: All rights remain with the artist unless otherwise agreed in writing. The artwork cannot be used in marketing, sold on in any form, used in any profitable way without permission in writing by Sarah Pienig and/or Bosa Art Co.

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