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Bosa Art Co

Greeting Card Subscription Club

Greeting Card Subscription Club

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Now you don't have to think about it! You don't have to find time to run around looking for the perfect card for that perfect someone! Why, because you will already have one ready to go!!!!!

As a mum of two boys and a small business owner, time is something I never have enough of! And ever since I started selling greeting cards, I have saved time on running around looking for a card. I just pop into my card drawer, and viola! 

Now you can have that convenience also! Or you can gift that convenience to someone you love! 

What does this subscription included?

Six glorious greeting cards/Gift Tags! 4 designed greeting cards by me, Bosa Art Co and 1 surprise card from an artist that I have fallen in love with! And 1 gift tag (Because we always need something smaller)! Delivered/Paid Quarterly. Once every 3 months and always a different design*.

    • 1x Gift Tag
    • 4x Bosa Art Co Cards
    • 1x Other Amazing Artists Card
    • First Card pack will include a FREE sticker!
    • Valued at $45
    • Quarterly so you always have the right amount
    • Cancel at any time

    *No duplicate designs guaranteed within the first 12 months of subscription. Although we will try are best not to repeat past this time period, we can't guarantee there wont be. But, even if we do, the cards are absolutely divine, so I am sure you will have the perfect person for it!

    *Your first pack will be sent out within 72 hours after your purchase. Then once every 3 months moving forward from date you ordered. (**within 72 hours of that date)

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