I always blush a little when an article pops up with my photo or business on it. Here are a few recent articles about my Bosa Art Co journey.  

We are Hobart

So this is probably one of my career highlights! Being on the cover of one of the most popular Hobart publications is such a great honour! Approximately 30,000 copies get distributed over a six month period. How exciting is that! Winter 2024

Sorell Times

In 2023 I had the honour of being a member of a lovely cooperative in Sorell Tasmania. This article was run in the local Sorell Times in December of 2023.
Sorell Times December 2023

Derwent Gazette

Between 2022 and 2023 I co-hosted some amazing art retreats. The first being at a historical farm stay "Rathmore Farm". This article was run in the Derwent Gazette in 2022.
Rathmore Farm Retreat


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