About Me

Born in British Columbia and raised in the Canadian prairies, Sarah
Pienig’s childhood was shaped by the great outdoors. She was always
happiest when immersed in nature, unashamedly covered in mud, sticks and
leaves whenever the weather allowed. When forced indoors she compensated
by daydreaming and creating – the start of a lifetime of painting and

Sarah moved to the bottom of the world almost two decades ago. Little
did she know she’d fall instantly in love with the chilly winters and
strange creatures to be found here in lutruwita/Tasmania. As a talented
self-taught artist, Sarah began searching for a way to shape her
creativity around her young family. She quietly snatched time to design
and paint in between toddler naps, school runs and part time work.

In 2018 BOSA Art Co was born. Taking its name from the first initials of
each member of Sarah’s energetic young family, BOSA represents
imagination, growth and social responsibility. It’s a homegrown art
label that celebrates a special journey of creativity and the importance
of sustainability. As a small family owned business, BOSA remains true
to its values and chooses to partner with like-minded local enterprises
who share a focus on ethical and sustainable production.

Sarah is best known for her vibrant watercolour artworks and unique
Tasmanian fabric designs. New fabric designs and artwork for packaging
are a sure fire way to have her quietly jumping for joy.

Sarah’s natural warmth and kindness remains central to the BOSA
philosophy. Her generous spirit draws together novice artists who attend
her sell-out Tasmanian workshops and retreats. Designed for those who
have never picked up a paintbrush, through to those looking to improve
their skills, Sarah believes everyone can create something beautiful and
find solace in the creative process. A few laughs and new friendships
always abound.

Sarah is happiest when relaxing at home with a paintbrush in hand.
You’ll often find her hunched over a new work long after the kids and
dogs are safely tucked up in bed. 

Enquiries regarding commissions, workshops, retreats and collaborations?
Email: sarahpienig29@gmail.com
Phone: 0487 364 009

Words by Amanda Mackinnon @thewildsmith