About Me

About Me

Sarah Pienig is a watercolour artist that lives in the southern part of the wild little island of Tasmania. Sarah moved from the other side of the world 17 years ago and fell head over heels with the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna of Tasmania and Australia. Although she was born in Canada, she feels that Tasmania was always meant to be her home and considers herself "almost" a Tasmanian. As you can never be a true Tasmanian unless your roots run deep through many generations. 

Sarah was always the creative type. When she was a little girl, whether she was inside with a pot of paints or outdoors, collecting seashells, sticks and flowers her imagination always took over. But it wasn’t until her late thirties, that she realised being creative was her true calling and it happened very spontaneously. One quiet evening, deciding to pick up some paints for the first time in years lead to twelve months later designing fabrics for a well know Tasmanian clothing brand The Spotted Quoll. She had fallen in love with the possibilities!

In 2018 BOSA Art Co took shape. Taking its name from the first initials of each member of Sarah’s energetic young family, BOSA represents nature & place, inspiration, being unique and a little bit of playfulness. Creating art, being in nature and inspiring her young boys to reach for the stars is what drives Sarah’s ambitions.

“My most cherished memories as a girl all took place in the wilds and raw landscapes of Canada. The beautiful rivers, filled with red salmon and the shadows of bald eagles. The mountains tops that seemed to reach the stars and the big skies of the golden prairies. I felt free when I was in these places, I would wander for hours and daydream about running away and disappearing into the wild. Tasmania is that “wild” for me. I feel like my daydreams have come true and I want to share my joy of that with the world. I also always had a love for homewares, art curated in beautiful homes, interesting wallpaper, anything super pleasing to the eye really. I think my creative personality and my love for maximalist design and nature is a perfect mix. My art prints and my patterns are all inspired by our beautiful natural world. This day and age we spend so much time indoors, I want to be able to bring colour and fun into your home and I also want to inspire you to go outdoors and explore, what better way to do that than with art! ”

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