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Prismacolor Pencil Sets -40% OFF

Prismacolor Pencil Sets -40% OFF

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Prismacolor Colour Pencils feature a thick, soft core constructed from the brightest light-resistant pigments. The result? A smooth, rich laydown and vibrant colour saturation - perfect for artists' of all levels.

Prismacolor Colour Pencils are break-resistant (manual sharpening is recommended), slow to wear and waterproof.

  • Each pencil contains a 3.8 mm core which is perfect for sketching, drawing and colouring.
  • They are easy to blend, allowing you to achieve different textures and effects in your artwork.
  • Each pencil contains a soft core for smooth coverage while you're creating.
  • The cores are enclosed in a round cedar casing which is lacquered in the same colour to help you easily find the right pencil.
  • Your artworks are sure to be long lasting thanks to the light resistant pigments and waterproof qualities.
  • This product is FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.
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