Open Letter Regarding CCTV Boost for Sorell.

Dear Mayor Kerry Vincent, Sorell Councillors and to whom it may concern,

My name is Sarah Pienig. I am a local resident and home owner in Sorell. On the morning of November 6th while we were away on a family camping trip we received a worrying phone call from our neighbours. At some point in the early hours our garage was broken into and close to $30,000 worth of Motor Bikes and Motor bike gear were stolen. As you would imagine my young boys and husband were devastated. The bikes were not just physical possessions, but the boy's passion, hobby and the way they looked after their mental health. Much like a running hobby or a team sport. I would like to emphasise this as I think we tend to believe that "stuff" can just be replaced. And It can, but in this case and I believe many other residential break-ins, it's the life that is created around the item that isn't easily or quickly replaced or mended. I am in contact with the Tasmanian Police and they are working diligently on it, however they have not yet been recovered. 
The reason I am contacting you is because of my concern for the safety and security of the Sorell Council residents and businesses. Since our incident there have been many similar cases and there seems to be an increase of crime in the area. Just in the last seven days, there have been two separate incidents of stolen motorbikes, an attempt to steal fuel from another vehicle and a number of car break-ins. I am positive this is only the tip of the iceberg. 
To my understanding the Tasmanian Liberals had promised $91,000 for new CCTV cameras in Sorell to help fight a surge in vandalism and break-ins across the region. I believe that this package should not be put aside because the Liberals did not get re-elected. But, we should all come together as a community and do what is right for the businesses and residents in the area. Our population is growing fast and we need to set up a strong deterrent and a system to crack down on crime before it gets out of control. If these cameras were up, our Bikes could have been recovered within days of the incident, I am sure. And many other residents and businesses would have been benefiting from them as well. 
So I ask, as a resident that has been directly impacted by crime in the area, what can we do to push this funding through and what will we be doing in regard to future planning to ensure a low crime rate moving forward? (I understand having the Emergency Services Hub open will be a deterrent in itself, but without enough cameras in the area, the police will not have the tools to be as effective as they would like.)
Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you and anyone that could help with this much needed system. 
Yours Sincerely,
Sarah Pienig
Bosa Art Co