Looking Back on 2022!

If someone told me on January first this year what was to unfold for me throughout 2022,
I probably wouldn't have believed them. 
The year started out as usual with me working at The Spotted Quoll and hustling on evenings and weekends working on Bosa Art Co. Loads of design work, workshops and growing my little business. It was at the point were my work life balance was at breaking point. Something had to give. So in March, I made an incredibly scary choice and went full time Bosa Art Co! It was exciting, terrifying and a million other things all at once. But it made 100% sense to me. To this very moment, I don't regret even one once of it! I believe more now than ever, that to grow within yourself and to have the best life possible, you need to take a leap of faith and face your fears.
The following months had its ups and downs. I needed to adjust my mindset from employee to full time business owner. It is lonely at times, even when people are around. I have had great months, ok months and I had a few bad months. But it all levels out over time. I have also learned so much about myself and what I can achieve if I focus and put my mind to it!
Then there was the "Never to be (for now)" Studio space with the yellow door! What happened there? One of my BIG business goals was to open up a studio space of my own. A space to host workshops, have my creative space and a retail space to have my designs and supplies for sale. And I found the perfect spot. It was lovely. A big beautiful front window, loads of space for workshops and studio and retail at the front. But, you may be surprised with what happened next. I was approved to take the lease in November. But somewhere between the application and approval, I had a realization. Life and work balance is hard when you have little ones in your life. The constant rush between school, work, sports, appointments, chores and everything in between is relentless. And the last nine months have given me respite from the tornado of it. Was I ready to give that up? I decided, no, not yet anyway.
And the studio can wait a few more years. 
Imaginary shop front with yellow door.
2022 will be a year I remember as a year of growth and development, emotionally and in business. I will remember it as a special year for me. And I will remember everyone who supported me and cheered me on! I will be forever grateful because I know, without you, I wouldn't be able to do this. Thank you for this.
I wonder what 2023 will bring? With a recession looming and covid still dancing its dance, its anyone's guess what challenges it will bring. But, I feel confident, if we keep supporting each other, lifting each other up as high as we can and finding joy on the rainy days. We will succeed! 
Happy New Years from the Bosa Art Co Family! May your new year be full of beautiful moments and success
with what ever your heart desires! 
Much Love,
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